The Need For Newborn Photography

newborn photography

With social media spreading its roots quickly in our lives, the millennials have been highly engrossed with everything related to social media. Not only do they share every aspect of their life with everyone, it has rather become a norm to put your life for everyone to see.

The millennials need social networking like one needs food- it fuels them and allows them to do better. Competing with their peers and portraying their life better than them is their new hobby.

Millennials have taken it upon themselves to share photos and statuses of their everyday life. However, what they can’t manage to do is reverse time and go back to their childhood, take good “Instagram-worthy” photos of themselves and post them. What’s done is done. But, they don’t want their children to go through the same dilemma. Thus, newborn photography in melbourne is becoming quite normal and parents are documenting their child’s life from birth until their kids are ready to manage and take their own portraits and selfies.

While your child is newly, all you think about is spending maximum time with them so that you can absorb and enjoy every minute of their presence. The bad news is they don’t remain this small for long but the good news is you can capture and savour every moment by planning your new born photography.

By far your home is the safest place to conduct a new born photography as you know your house inside and out and are well aware with the safety hazards. Photographing a new born baby may be hectic job but you must make safety an utmost priority. If you are doing it yourself or taking help of a professional photographer, the first thing you need to do is to give your baby a safe environment and what would provide more solace then knowing that you are in the safe space of your own house?

New born photography can be rather tricky if you are doing it for the first time since you may be entangled in between your baby’s feeding times and work according to their moods and their sleep schedule. When to take your baby’s photos is up to you, if you want to capture your baby’s wrinkles like he had the minute he was born, you need to schedule the photoshoot in the first two weeks after birth. But if you want your baby to be more receptive in the pictures. We suggest you wait a few months and then jump on the photo session bandwagon.

All you need to do is ditch the idea of a perfect photo shoot since anything you can capture of your baby would be perfect. However, if you still thrive for perfection, Katelee photography would be glad to assist you. With years of working experience with toddlers and newborn photography, we would get the best portraits at the most economical rates and you and your baby would be pretty comfortable with us too.