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Kitchen is one of the most important places of the house so why not to make it the way it deserve to be special places need special things which include the best appliances, interior and the benchtop everything should be up to the mark so it will enhances the beauty of the house and give the good vibes to the person who going to work in the kitchen and make the delicious food there are many private companies and freelancers who are the interior designers and are the expertise of making and renovating the kitchen because they knows the value of it and they are into this business they know what is best for the customers according to their use and the most important is the budget of the customers they have to look after everything about the customers if we talk about the quality of the KITCHEN STONE BENCHTOPS, stone benchtops are the best because of their durability and it last long but it depends on the person how she or he uses and maintain it because when you invest in something you should take the responsibility of maintaining it.

MARBLE BENCHTOPS is one of the best you can get your hands and marble material is very common because of its durability and the finishing you can get many colours in the marble and the most important thing is it is easy to maintain you just need a wet clothes and voila it is clean you don’t need to put efforts while getting the marble benchtop you need to need to make sure you select the right edges which is good for you and your family.

REGAL STONEMASON is the one the best companies in Australia who provide their services in Melbourne they are providing their quality services for more than two decades they want nothing but to provide the best quality products and services to their customers because they value their money if you are looking for any company who can make your house exactly the way you want be it your kitchen, bathroom vanity or bar b q station they make it passionately.

Natural stone is one of the most appealing and vibrant things which can be used in the house so why not get NATURAL STONE BENCHTOPS Melbourne for your use and make your house the most beautiful house from the inside if you don’t want natural stone you can go for the marble option as well which is as beautiful as the stone but make sure you always get it from the REGAL STONEMASON because they will send the team to your house for all the required measurements and installation and in exchange they get minimum charges.

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We Provide Best Services Of Jet Cutting And Steel Fabrication

 steel fabrication

Wallan engineering has been operating the business of construction and fabrication services in Melbourne and throughout Victoria. We have been into this business for a quite long time. We have come up with an idea that we should do something that benefit the people the most. We want to provide the security and safety to the people and this is the most important thing that we give to our clients and the fellow citizens. We believe in delivering the values in term of quality of our products. So, we never compromise in that. People can trust us and buy products and services from us blindly.

The Products and Services:

There are many products and services that we are offering to the people. Following are the services mentioned that we have been offering under the roof of Wallan engineering.

 Stainless Steel Fabrication:

We provide stainless steel fabrication in Melbourne. We know that steel material itself very strong and durable. To make it more durable and stronger, we do fabrication of stainless-steel material. There is no danger of getting it ruined in any case. All the weather and climate can’t affect its durability and strength as it doesn’t attract rust in humid or rainy weather.

 Orbital Welding:

We know that cylindrical and circular pipes are widely being used in the construction process. We can’t take a step forward unless we use such pipes. If the pipe is being used underground fitting of water supplies or it is used on the floor for gas supply, we need them. When there is a crack in it a welding is needed. To make it more durable welding is needed in that case too. So, we provide the services of orbital welding.

 Workshop Fabrication:

We offer the workshop steel fabrication as well. So, if you want to learn something or want your machine to be fabricated in our area then you can easily get our services.

 Steel Fabrication:

There is a material called stainless steel and other material is called steel. We have fabrication for both kind of steel. You can come to us for either fabrication. Steel fabrication is widely being used in food processing industry. It is a huge industry, so we provide our reliable services to them as well.

 Plant Relocation:

We provide plant relocation services as well. Suppose, if you have decided to shift the whole plant to a new place, so, you need a professional service to do so. We have experienced staff that can manage and organise everything so smoothly.

A CNC worked water jet cutting machine guarantees indistinguishable parts free of volumes and with at least waste material. The adaptability and simplicity of activity make water fly innovation contrast with no other machine device process on the lookout. Unadulterated water jet cutting applications (PWJ), on milder materials, utilize just a high strain fly stream of water to cut amazingly tight cuts at 0.1 mm.

Water Jet Cutting                                                                                               

  • Sort of cutting utilizing a water stream
  • Not appropriate for cutting hard materials, however relevant to water jet cutting services delicate materials, including wood, plastic and elastic.
  • Primary cutting materials: building materials, elastic, froth, paper, fabric, and food varieties.